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K-12 Private Christian School in Sydney

Kingdom Culture Christian School (KCCS) has the vision of “Raising Tomorrow’s Leaders” who will make a Godly and positive impact on society.

KCCS pursues its vision from a Biblical perspective by aiming to be authentically Christian. We aim to nurture students into a personal relationship with Christ, infuse all areas of learning with Biblical worldview, and equip students with relevant entrepreneurial skills to help them thrive in the real world.

KCCS is creating a bright future in a changing world.

Our Google Reviews ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"My children recently joined KCCS and I can describe the experience as transformational." - Sylvia

"My child has been attending for 5 years and continues to grow and flourish every year." - Nicky

"They not only care for my sons' academic performance but also their overall character and walk with Christ." - Cisca

"I had a wonderful experience at KCCS! The support they offer is truly outstanding, creating a nurturing environment for students to thrive." - Rebekah

About KCCS

Kingdom Culture Christian School (KCCS) is an educational institution founded on Biblical beliefs and Christian values.  At the same time, KCCS is a school steered by an innovative and future-focused mindset that enables our students to not just survive but thrive in a changing world. There is as much focus on the quality of education as there is an emphasis on developing a culture of honour and respect.

Our students come from diverse family backgrounds and cultural heritage. Parents and carers choose KCCS for their children because of our safe, supportive, welcoming and nurturing environment. We place a high value on attributes such as humility, respect, tolerance, empathy, integrity, self-awareness, inclusiveness, and other core Christian values and principles. We focus on developing timeless and transferable skills that are important to have in any profession such as problem-solving, teamwork, effective communication, perseverance, assessing risks, financial literacy, and many other important life skills.


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