Kingdom Culture Christian School (KCCS) is an educational institution founded on Biblical beliefs and Christian values.  At the same time, KCCS is a school steered by an innovative and future-focused mindset that enables our students to not just survive but thrive in a changing world. There is as much focus on the quality of education as there is an emphasis on developing a culture of honour and respect.

Mrs frisken

Our students come from diverse family backgrounds and cultural heritage. Parents and carers choose KCCS for their children because of our safe, supportive, welcoming and nurturing environment. We place a high value on attributes such as humility, respect, tolerance, empathy, integrity, self-awareness, inclusiveness, and other core Christian values and principles. We focus on developing timeless and transferable skills that are important to have in any profession such as problem-solving, teamwork, effective communication, perseverance, assessing risks, financial literacy, and many other important life skills.


Our school recognises that each student is unique, with diverse talents and different abilities. Each student is like a seed. One student may be an orange seed, while another is an apple seed, and others may be different kinds of seeds. Our school provides a safe, nurturing, and fertile environment for each seed to grow and bear much fruit according to the different strengths and talents given to them by their Creator.

The orange seed will grow into a healthy orange tree bearing many juicy oranges. The apple seed will grow into a healthy apple tree bearing many delicious apples. Our school does not have a cookie-cutter approach. Some students may pursue careers in science and technology, finance, business, education, politics, sports, arts and entertainment, community work, or health. Our vision for our students is for them to thrive into their full potential, become leaders in their own domains, and contribute positively to society.


Our students are coached to have a growth mindset in all areas of learning, especially in their individual areas of strengths, and to be competitive in the wider world. Each student’s progress is tracked periodically using an independent research-based personalised assessment framework. Our students strive to compete against themselves in order to achieve their personal best.


Kingdom Culture Christian School is like modern-day pottery. The Bible says in the Book of Isaiah that, “we are the clay, and God is the Potter”. Our teachers and staff are working together with God to be His hands in moulding, shaping, polishing and toughening the students to be world-ready, and our Christian values are the wheel that everything we do revolves around. Children made of different types of clay come to KCCS to be moulded into thoughtful, productive, confident, and articulate young adults. The result is an array of beautiful and colourful sculptures of various shapes and sizes.