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A 21st Century learning school located in Arncliffe

Kingdom Culture Christian School (KCCS) has the vision of “Raising Tomorrow’s Leaders” who will make a Godly and positive influence in every strata of society. It is not just another Christian school but we are forming their skills and talents to be exemplary leaders of integrity and character. The school adopts  21st Century learning methods such as blended learning & project based learning. It is a self paced, student centred learning environment, based on mastery of individual student’s strengths and not just about passing grades.

What are experts saying?

Education is a personal process, it’s people who learn… It’s a human mind, a human heart that is responding to their own experiences. Great teachers know that. They know that the way you get people to learn is by connecting it to the learner’s interest, to what motivates them, what energises them, what excites them, what engages their imagination.

Sir Ken Robinson


There is a “global achievement gap,” which is the leap between what even our best schools are teaching, and the must-have skills of the future: critical thinking and problem-solving, collaboration across networks and leading by influence, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurialism, effective oral and written communication, accessing and analysing information, curiosity and imagination.

Dr. Tony Wagner


Children need 3 things; read, write and understand language, research ability and analysing skills to know whether it is wrong or right.

Sugata Mitra


– We are creating LEADERS IN THE MARKETPLACE, not just great workers.

E – We use EDUCATION METHODS OF THE 21ST CENTURY to equip 21st Century learners.

A – We are forming ARROWS OF DESTINY to be used mightily in the hands of God.

– We DISCIPLE THE WHOLE PERSON, not just educate the mind.

– We EMPOWER THEIR UNIQUENESS with the right skill sets to be successful in life.

– We are raising RESPECTED INDIVIDUALS by building up their earthly and spiritual stature.

Our Leaders

Ben Irawan

Ben Irawan


Ben is a speaker, entrepreneur and consultant with experience in business, advertising, marketing and publishing. After years of research into the education system, he believes there is a more effective way to do schooling. That was how KCCS was birthed in 2015.

Deddy Rachman

Deddy Rachman


Deddy has many years of experience in the financial and energy sector in the role of internal operational auditor and project governance manager. He was also part of the founding committee of KCCS.

Pavina Lee

Pavina Lee


Pavina has many years of business leadership experience in the IT sector. She was part of the founding committee and was one of two founding teachers. Now, she is leading the fast growing school community as Principal.

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