Kingdom Culture Christian School (KCCS) is set to revolutionise education with the introduction of its groundbreaking programs, Shark Tank eSchool and MyDesign, in the 2024 academic year. These programs, tailored for Year 9 and Year 10 students, offer a unique educational experience that goes beyond traditional learning. Not only do students have the opportunity to graduate with a Higher School Certificate (HSC) and an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), but they can also earn a Diploma of Entrepreneurship without incurring extra time or upfront costs.

The Shark Tank eSchool provides students with essential skills, knowledge, and personal capabilities. MyDesign complements this by guiding students to unlock their unique strengths as designed by God, activate their purpose, and shape a career that brings out their best qualities.

From 2025, KCCS will offer students two distinct pathways. The traditional pathway leads to the HSC and ATAR, providing a well-rounded education. The second pathway encompasses the HSC, ATAR, and the prestigious Diploma of Entrepreneurship. This dual offering recognises and accommodates the diverse talents and aspirations of our student body.

The alignment of specific subjects within the Diploma of Entrepreneurship with the content of Shark Tank eSchool and MyDesign enables an effective integration of these subjects with the NSW syllabus content. This alignment extends into Years 11 and 12, where 2U English and 2U Design and Technology further enrich the educational experience. Students will be able to officially enrol in the Diploma of Entrepreneurship in Year 11 (2025), providing that they have completed the Shark Tank eSchool and MyDesign courses in Years 9 an 10, which will be credited as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) by Aphacrucis University College. Aligned assessment tasks will be co-assessed by KCCS and Alphacrucis University College at the tertiary Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Level 5.

KCCS’s innovative approach positions it as a trailblazer in education. By providing students with an opportunity to graduate with a university-approved Diploma of Entrepreneurship, the school pioneers a collaborative effort between secondary and tertiary educational institutions. This pioneering collaboration has the potential to set a new standard for educational institutions working together for the benefit of students.